Enter teaches
skateboarding to children

Through our afterschool programs & camps.


Enter teaches skateboarding to children

Through our afterschool programs and camps.


Through skateboarding, children learn:


Acquiring skill helps a child become confident, and confident children pursue their interest with more vigor, authority, and passion.


Skateboarding teaches children how to stick with a task until completion. Mistakes create opportunities to learn & grow.


Exposing children to new things teaches them that no matter how challenging and different something seems, they can conquer it.

OUR programs are safe, FUN and teach life lessons!

ENTER Skateboarding trains and certifies our own skateboarding staff. Each instructor goes through a 6 hour onsite staff training along with a DOJ compliant vetting process. Mandatory CPR certification is is also required for each staff member.

Our skate instructors engage and coach students in a small class environment. Every ENTER coach is a teacher, role-model and mentor. It is our mission to see that every participant is safe and having fun while growing personally and physically. We celebrate our makes and learn from our falls.

Want to share your love for skateboarding with the next generation? Learn how you can become a certified skateboard instructor here.

Enter skateboarding is one of the first skateboard programs to create a gamified curriculum that keeps children's interest up and engaged in learning. We’ve designed our skateboarding lessons to introduce skateboarding basics to 6- to 12-year-olds. 

Each themed lesson plan keeps children active as they move up the learning levels. We’ve matched key growth-mindset values—including Courage, Patience, Practice, and Persistence—with fundamental skateboarding skills. This builds your child’s confidence both on and off the board as they crush each new goal.

To truly excel in skateboarding, children need to feel comfortable on their boards, as they integrate into the skatepark culture. And have the freedom to practice their new skills in a safe, playful, and supportive atmosphere.

As instructors, we’ve seen the longing in the eyes of the skatepark passer-by who thinks skateboarding looks fun (spoiler alert... it is!) but they don’t know how to enter. That’s why we created this program. We wanted to make entering skateboarding as simple as possible.